The Fricks Company, Inc. was established in May 2018 as a parent company of Home Base Lawn Services in Royston, Georgia to per-

petuate our family's dream of building a successful company that will be both, satisfying and rewarding that we can leave for our next generation. 

Corporate Structure:

                    WESLEY FRICKS, CEO

                    TYLER FRICKS, CFO


Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey.

An Idea Is Born.

Growing up around Royston and cutting lawns in the summertime and raking leaves in the fall was just one good way to make "candy" money. Having ventured off to destinations of the unknown for 25 years and having moved back home to Royston in 2016, we were eager to start a local business that truly represent the grassroots of hard work and manual labor. Nothing is more honest and rewarding work than just taking care of a beautiful lawn. And the idea was born!

Commitment to Service & Quality.

After spending so many years away and working for companies that really identified with "service and quality," it was time to put the impact of that training to work for my family. Service is the cornerstone of our business, but it is our commitment to quality work that has long been a source of strength for the way we do business. Taken together, they truly define how we bring our business to your front lawn!

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